Oba Perdem

In the 1972 by Yuksel ALTUG OBA CURTAIN MARKETING INC Our company was founded with the name, with the continuous rising graph, assign always the first in Turkey has become a signature brand status. OBA ; In Turkey, the "Vertical Screen" by producing the first time in our country for the first time "Modern Curtain Systems" led to the establishment of the concept.

Oba Perdem

Continuously improving and developing customer satisfaction with the way we proceed developed a range of products using the technology and customer requirements, increasing our productivity in our leadership light in the domestic sector, to be opened abroad and to carry forward the modern curtain system.

Oba Perdem

In modern curtain systems in the light of the total quality management philosophy continuous improvement activities to satisfy customer expectations by making it a part of everyday life in the country, the sector will expand in overseas markets and to become the leading provider of.

Quality Policy

Oba curtain systems to produce Modern, aims to maintain its leadership in the industry. Quality, customer focused and to surpass customer expectations.

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Hoşdere Cad. No: 107 / C
Çankaya / ANKARA

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